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John Wheeler Of Toronto Founded FitnessOne

April 19, 2015

John Wheeler of Toronto established FitnessOne because he saw a real need for true health and fitness clubs, instead of just gyms. John Wheeler is an entrepreneur who founded FitnessOne in Toronto because he believed that people should have the ability to improve their wellness instead of just places to work out. This has been central to FitnessOne's success over the years—that they treat their members as more than just a source of money.

John Wheeler saw a need in the Toronto area for an activity, fitness, and wellness center that saw to the needs of women. This does not mean that FitnessOne is only welcoming to women, it is a club that is entirely inclusive. Any individual is welcome to join FitnessOne, regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or religion. As long as you have a want to improve upon your health and wellness, then FitnessOne wants to have you on board.

FitnessOne does not believe that there is anyone too unhealthy or overweight to benefit from joining the club. They have a laundry list of programs available to members that help to engage them in improving their wellness. This means more than just working out once a week.